Fall Buffets at Snoqualmie Casino

“Falls Buffet” is the name of the restaurant at the Snoqualmie Casino in Olympia. Mario Casarez loves the chance to make as many different dishes as possible for casino patrons. Falls Buffet can go from 20 to thirty prime rib a night, hundreds of pounds of shrimp on Tuesday nights, and Casarez’s heart is filled with happiness every time.

falls buffet at snoqualmie casino

Fall is here, but Casarez and his staff will not be ready to serve until the start of November, because they have a huge order of food coming in. They cannot wait until the new year because this year they have more than enough to last for long after the holidays. Casarez has been working hard to ensure that the quality of food in his restaurant remains at par with his high standards.

Mr. Cambellini has worked hard at the kitchen at the casino for over seven years, since he was hired by the Casinos. The restaurant is clean and sanitary, with each table fully dressed and equipped for a great dinner. The dining room has the feel of a French country bistro complete with antique furnishings. Each table is comfortable and the staff has put in place a special menu for customers who enjoy the finer things in life.

Fall season calls for hearty dishes like roasted turkey with pumpkin soup stuffing, roasted beef with black pecan stuffing, prime rib, roasted squash, cranberry sauce with pears and almonds, as well as dessert dishes like peach cobbler and apple pie with whipped cream. Casarez and his staff know that when fall hits, everyone wants something more than traditional fare.

Fall Buffets at the Snoqualmie Casino offer a special treat every day for customers to enjoy. From prime rib to chocolate fondue to apple pie, there is something for every appetite. Whether you are looking for a light breakfast or want to have a special dinner, the restaurant will be able to meet your needs. no matter what your occasion.

After the season ends, the staff is ready to help out and they have many new friends to introduce you to during the New Year. The restaurant hosts special New Year’s Eve parties with great food, music and dance. There will be plenty to do before the party ends at midnight. Don’t forget to bring your favorite drinks because this is the only time that the doors open.