King’s Crab Buffet at Snoqualmie Falls Resort

In addition to the King Crab buffet, Snohomish County Parks provides fun for the entire family at the Inland Empire Casino King Crab in Snoqualmie. This natural attraction is located in the parks’ world-class entertainment complex and is one of the best places to have an up close view of the King Crab. The spectacular scenery includes a vast view of the shores of Lake Washington as well as a giant walled pond filled with the natural life of the region.

snoqualmie casino king crab buffet

Snohomish County Parks offers four activities in the park’s three acre grounds including two water slides, a five-acre picnic area, boat launch and a nature trail for exploring the meadows. Another amazing feature of the park is the marsh pond that surrounds the neighboring King Crab Casino. This scenic setting makes this a place that people of all ages will want to come back again.

Visitors can also take part in the many interactive games and events held throughout the year including the four-legged world’s largest lawn darts competition and the King Crab Scorpion Queen. During these events guests can feed the king crab with their own crab legs and take home the prized trophies of this interactive event.

A well-appointed resort contains all the amenities that make it a comfortable stay for guests. Breakfast is served each morning in the children’s playroom, which features a castle-themed area with toys and activities for the children. The restaurant provides guests with a wide range of delicious dishes prepared by chef Sean Casey and features both fresh and organic seafood. Guests can also enjoy the spacious atmosphere of the hotel room where they can watch a full-screen television.

One of the areas in the resort where guests can relax is the water-based adventure area that includes a series of challenges to complete. Many of the activities are geared toward the young children, which include obstacle courses, obstacle races and a treasure hunt. On weekends, there are shows featuring local favorite bands that entertain guests and provide the perfect escape from a hectic day.

Snohomish County Parks offers a variety of activities for the adults, including a fishing excursion and guided nature hikes in the Snoqualmie Falls. In addition, guests can stop by the Northgate Park Store and grab lunch at the Snohomish County Fair’s picnic buffet. From there, guests can head to the Snoqualmie Salmon Hatchery to pick up their catch or head to the Olympic Mountains on horseback to experience a state park.

In addition to staying at the award-winning resort, guests can take advantage of many other activities at Snoqualmie Falls. During the winter months, the Snoqualmie Ski & Snowboard Center offer winter sports programs for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy and for guests to use during their vacations. During the summer months, the Snoqualmie Creek will host a variety of activities including luge, a rodeo and horseback riding.

No matter what time of year you visit the Snoqualmie Creek Resort, you can rest assured that you will be greeted by a luxurious resort where you can relax in a warm comfortable bed and a modern bathroom with plenty of towels and toothpaste. The resort offers a variety of activities for you and your family to enjoy and allows you to enjoy a high quality vacation while you are enjoying the beauty of the Snoqualmie area.