The Weekly Menu – May 14

For most of this year, cooking for my family has been a struggle. Having class, and work, and having to make up for work missed for class, I’ve been coming home exhausted. Then there’s homework (for three of us!), baths, teeth to brush, cuddles to be had, books to read (or not) and on and on. Food is a priority of course, but then there is the clean up and the time to plan.

Yikes, I’ve been busy! And now we’ve added soccer for my daughter! That’s almost over though. Class is over for me and it will be soon for the kids. Our house is almost ready and we’ll be moving soon. I can’t deny it; I am so looking forward to all of that! But, where do I fit in quick, easy, yet nutritious food for my family?

I have no idea, but I still try. This week’s schedule looks something like this:

Sunday: It’s Mother’s Day! We’ll be eating lunch with my mother-in-law and supper with my aunt-like-a-mother.

Monday: Soccer! It’s tournament time! Go Lightening!

Tuesday: My daughter’s been asking for quiche for weeks. Since I’m still gluten free, it will be crustless. I love this one from Budget Bytes! We’ll have bacon on the side for all the meat-eaters.

Wednesday: Depending on the outcome of the game Monday, we may be eating with my aunt and uncle, as the girl usually has soccer practice on Thursdays. If not, we will eat with them Thursday and I’m thinking we’ll have tacos. I’m leaning toward these favorites from Fox and Briar.

Thursday: Again, depending on the outcome Monday, the girl may have soccer practice. If she does, we all usually go out to eat. Here lately, that means Mexican.

Friday: This is usually my night alone as the kids go to their grandma’s and my husband goes out with his brother. I’ll probably have leftover quiche. Unless I find myself at Michael’s again (it happens A LOT), then I’ll pick up something.

Saturday: Last day for soccer! We’ll either watch the girl play her last game, and/or celebrate the end of the season with all the teams! We are responsible for a dessert. I’m going to make a strawberry pie, since they’re in season, with my hands-down, absolute favorite, gluten free crust from Gluten Free on a Shoestring.

Here’s hoping I can stick to this! What are you eating this coming week?


7 thoughts on “The Weekly Menu – May 14”

  1. I have been soooo bad about menu planning lately. I don’t know why, because it truly does make life so much easier when I take the time to do it. Hope things slow down enough to let you breathe a little more! Of course moving is a huge job, though I suspect it will be a fun one for you. 🙂


  2. This time of year is HORRIBLE for meal prepping and actual cooking for me too. It seems there is something out of the ordinary almost every night of the week for the entire month of May. Hopefully, things will slow down for you after this week and you can get some yummy home-cooked meals under your belt again.


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