The Weekly Menu – May 21

Well, just as I figured, last week did not go as planned! When does it ever? Never! However, gotta keep trying!

This week sees the end of soccer. We’re sad and looking forward to the fall season. In the meantime, life is getting more back to normal! And I have to say, I AM SO GLAD.



I have some pork chops I need to use, so I’m planning to grill those babies. I think I’ll use this Basil-Garlic Rub. Some roasted baby potatoes and asparagus on the side will be lovely!


One thing that I’ve tried recently that my family has not, is chimichurri. I feel that this is a grave injustice, so I’m going to attempt to make it at home. I got a lovely skirt steak and I’m going to use this recipe for the chimichurri. I think some jasmine rice and grilled veggies will go great with it!


Y’all, my day was made last week when I discovered that Walmart (WALMART!??!?!) had gluten free hot dog buns. And the bread is SOFT. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. So we’re having grilled hot dogs with all the fixings. I cannot wait.


According to the weather forecast, by Wednesday we’ll be swimming in rainfall. It’s supposed to rain Monday-Wednesday. So I figure by this day, we’ll be ready for soup and grilled cheese. I’m going to make this broccoli cheddar soup because what says Dry Out more than b&c soup?


We’ll be eating with my family, on our normal night, because NO SOCCER PRACTICE!!!


Since I usually get groceries on my way home on Friday’s, I usually pick something up for my supper. Here lately that means avocado rolls from my favorite Vietnamese/Thai restaurant! Yum!

Have I mentioned just how happy I am that life is returning to some semblance of normal? Of course, that’ll be thrown out the window once the new house is ready. Oh well, smooth sailing until then!

What food plans do you have for the week?


4 thoughts on “The Weekly Menu – May 21”

  1. I’ve got soup and grilled cheese on the menu for Wednesday too! Great minds. 🙂 Though different soups (I’m making barley-beef for the meat-eaters and creamy tomato basil for the rest of us). Anyway, I hope you enjoy every yummy bite!


  2. Soup sounds about perfect. The sun is out now, but looking at the forecast, I see that will change this afternoon. Again. At this point in time, I am not certain I want it to dry out because mosquitoes! Yay for a normal schedule.


  3. OMG, how funny. I’m posting a chimichurri / skirt steak recipe on June 3 as part of cookbook review. Yes, you must get your family addicted to it.

    The busy from the new house will be fun busy!


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