It’s Monday! 


I feel like I’ve been reading these two books forever! Thankfully, they are both well worth the time. The Summer Book is especially charming and I’m taking the time to savor it.

Last week I finished A Separation by Katie Kitamura in audio. It was read by Katherine Waterston. Best I can tell, it is her first time narrating a book and I really hope it isn’t her last. I think she kept me going. The book wasn’t exactly boring…okay, yeah it kinda was. It meandered a bit and the main mystery of the book was…left ambiguous. Unanswered may be even more correct. I don’t mind ambiguous endings when there is an idea of where the ending is. A Separation doesn’t know how it ended and left me frustrated. Gorgeous writing (and narration!) though.

It took me a few different tries on different audios, but I think I’ve settled on House of Names as my next audiobook, because OMG WHAT A BEGINNING.

So, what are you reading this week?

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3 thoughts on “It’s Monday! ”

  1. House of Names … humm. Hadn’t thought about the audio, but I’m due for a new book in about 2 hours (well, 2 hours left in current book)


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