June – Podcasts of the Month

If you know me at all, you know I’m a huge listener of podcasts. I am currently subscribed to 40+ and they are all so good! It’s hard to pick favorites, but if I had to narrow it down, these are my favorites for the month:

Science Solved It: The Ghost Trees – On the fringes of the redwood forests of California, live what people call Ghost Trees. These redwoods look like albino trees. These trees lack chlorophyll and if you remember anything from high school biology, you know that trees need chlorophyll to survive. It’s how they make their food! So how do these ghost trees survive? Well, they think they’ve figured it out. Give it a listen to find out!

Human Race: Don’t Call it a Comeback – I am not a runner, but I adore this podcast. Every episode is inspiring, but this on in particular really pulled on the heartstrings. And maybe even inspired me to take up running. Because any excuse I may have pales in comparison to what the subject of this episode is going through. And he’s still running.

Classical Classroom, Episode 72: You Don’t Know Fifth! – Classical Classroom has long been one of my favorite podcasts. I love a lot of things and music and history are very high on that list! CC has been fascinating as it teaches so many things; history, and theory, and more. This episode was so interesting, being all about Beethoven (who is fascinating anyway) and the long history of the 5th. There’s so much more to Beethoven than his brilliance and his deafness.

Levar Burton Reads, Episode 1: Kin – Reading Rainbow. For adults. As a child of Reading Rainbow, I can have nothing but love love love for this podcast. Each episode so far has been a gem. Levar is such a great reader and the three stories he’s picked so far were diverse and amazing. And I don’t usually care for short stories! In short, I can’t wait for more.

Very Bad Words: Talking Sh*t – I’m sorry, but there is nothing as satisfying as a well-placed curse word (if they don’t insult you, very few bother me) and I can think of nothing so satisfying as learning the history of cursing. This is a very new podcast; Talking Sh*t is the first episode! As the favorite curse word of my grandmother, and she rarely if ever cursed, I was excited this was the subject of the first episode. And it was great! If they stay this good, this cast will be fucking awesome! 😛

Sidedoor: If These Bones Could Talk – There are over 154 million treasures in the Smithsonian. I’ve been to the Smithsonian 3 times in my life. So, I’ve missed a lot, as I’m sure you have as well. Sidedoor goes into the “sidedoor” of the Smithsonian to bring these treasures to light. It just started its second season and If These Bones Could Talk just goes to show that this cast is only going to get stronger and stronger. These bones are those of Robert Kennicott, 19th century collector for the Smithsonian and now, also, a permanent display.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites?


2 thoughts on “June – Podcasts of the Month”

  1. I love Sidedoor! They had an exhibit on bones at the Natural History Museum last time we were there and I could have spent a week in that room alone. It was fascinating! Now I need to check out Levar Burton Reads and Classical Classroom. Both sound like subjects that would interest me and really I could just listen to Levar Burton read for hours.


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