Currently \\ November 26, 2017

Reading: I have been VERY FICKLE with my reading lately, however, I THINK I have settled down to three four books. After finishing Grin and Beard It; Winston Brothers #2 by Penny Reid, I had to immediately jump into #3: Beard Science. Romance is not typically one of my favorite genres but gosh darn it. I love this series. I also started The Leavers by Lisa Ko and Exit West by Mohsin Hamid, after they made the Tournament of Books Longlist (OMG WHAT A GREAT LIST THIS YEAR). I’m listening to Exit West, also read by the author, and it’s gorgeous. All in all, great reading going on up in here. The fourth book I’m reading is Rain: A Natural and Cultural History by Cynthia Barnett. I had no idea about rain. NO IDEA.

Watching: I was on vacation last week and I started (finally) binging Supernatural. I have no idea what took me so long, but hey, at least I have a LOT of episodes to watch. I’m also watching The Good Place with my daughter. I just love Ted Danson and Kristin Bell.

Listening: As I said above, I’m listening to Exit West. I’m also listening to lots of podcasts. I had to cancel my Spotify membership and I hate it so much so not much music listening going on right now. It hurts y’all. I am missing my Spotify Free.

I can always count on Oprah, to feel my pain.

Playing: I haven’t been playing much of anything. My husband got the new Skyrim for the VR on the PS4 and he is ALWAYS PLAYING IT. Not really but it feels like it. VR makes me drunk like no ones business, so I haven’t touched it. I need a new, STABLE, game.


Loving: My new house. That reading seems to be back on track *knocks wood* and that Christmas break is coming up.

Looking Forward: To decorating the tree later.


4 thoughts on “Currently \\ November 26, 2017”

  1. Oh my goodness. Hubby and I have watched like five Supernatural seasons in the last six months. I can’t believe they’re on season 13!


  2. I can’t do any VR or 3D simulations. Those “rides” like Star Tours make me sick to my stomach. I would love to be able to experience and enjoy those simulations, but it is not happening.

    SO. MUCH. TURKEY. I am planning on making one last dish with it tonight and the rest is going out or may be mixed in with the dog’s food. I can’t handle much more of it.

    So Exit West is good on audio? I was not impressed with the author’s previous novel, and there was nothing about the synopsis that grabbed me about this one. However, I do think given how popular it is as well as critically acclaimed, I am rethinking my position on it. I have some Audible credits that need using. Hmmm…


  3. We just started watching The Good Place and I’m loving it! I had high hopes because I love Kristen Bell and Ted Danson and it’s definitely met them. I’m sorry about your spotify membership. I use the free version and the ads and shuffle thing drive me crazy at times but I can’t quite justify paying for it.


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