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Reading Plea…

My reading has ground to a halt. You see, earlier this month we got the news that my 14 year old daughter, who has scoliosis, needs surgery to correct her curve. She went from a 49 degree curve, to a 70 degree curve, in just 6 months. For now, everything else looks good. Her nerves are fine. Her internal organs are fine. Let unchecked however, they may not stay that way. We’ve accepted it, it’s coming very soon, we’re scared, \ and wow. Our lives are very confused right now.

And, I have been distracted ever since.

The books I was reading have been pushed to the side. I’m not even completely sure what I WAS reading. Now, I’m flitting between books, trying to find something comforting and familiar. I started A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, one of my very favorite books, in audio and I’m not even sure it is going to work. Same with Pride and Prejudice. I managed a short story in the collection, The Doll’s Alphabet by Camilla Grudova, but I haven’t exactly raced back for another one.

What do you read when you want to be distracted, but can’t seem to be? I usually turn to an old favorite, but like I said, I’m not sure it’s going to work. I’m not in a rush to get back to it. Sometimes nonfiction works. Short stories? What have you read in times of crisis for comfort?


2017 Books and Reading Recap

I almost thought I shouldn’t post my 2017 recap. It feels too late, but what the heck right? It’s my life and dannnnng I love wrap up posts.


  • 2017 was a rough reading year. Starting with the election in 2016 all the way through to the end of 2017, I had little focus, little motivation, little desire to read.
  • I did manage (at the actual last minute) to read 100 stories. I mean literally. 11:59 pm December 31st, I finished my last book.
  • My fiction to non-fiction ratio was lower than I would like. Still 20% nonfiction is better than previous years.
  • My diversity ratio was better than previous years (25% of my reading was what I consider diverse) but I need to do better. I’m shooting for 50% this year.
  • My audiobook reads fell off at the end of the year. Thanks TuneIn. I hope this picks back up.
  • My comics reading really slacked off. Thanks to having two house payments, money is tight. I had to let some (as in all but one) subscriptions go. I also kicked Comixology Unlimited to the curb. (sad face)
  • My average rating was 3.995. Yay free range reading!
  • Longest book was The Girls Complete Collection by the Luna Brothers – 608 pages
  • As you can see below, December was craaaaaazy. I read A LOT. It was glorious.

Here is a link to all the books I read in 2017 (via Goodreads).

Total Books 2017

Total Pages 2017


Total Audiobooks

Total Time Spent Listening
6 Days, 5 Hours, 4 Minutes

Favorite Fiction


Favorite Nonfiction



All in all, while 2017 may not have brought me the QUANTITY I may have wanted, I definitely had QUALITY. Here’s hoping 2018 is kind to both of us.



The Weekly Menu – Week of January 21

In typical fashion, things did NOT go according to plan last week. Or the week before. If you were to look at my last Weekly Menu post, you will see I planning on breakfast for supper one day that week. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. It WILL happen this week. This week will be interesting, as I seem to have been felled by the weirdest flu EVAH. (By that I mean tired, achy, fevery, and….not much else. Yet.) So, here are my BEST LAID PLANS for the week:

Sunday: I really hope to get some things made for the kids’ lunches this week. Pizza rolls, quiche, calzones…the things they’ll actually eat. AND, since I won’t be watching the Super Bowl with everyone else (!), I may just have some soup or something. Alone. (I’m banned due to having the flu.)

Monday: Dang it, I’m having some breakfast. I will have it! Even if I don’t cook it!

Tuesday: I don’t know how I will be feeling by this point. I’m either be on the road to recovery, or the road to bronchitis. Writing this on Saturday, I think I’ll be feeling better, so let’s keep up the positivity, shall we? As I am making a conscious effort to eat more fish, I think we will have this Crispy Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce recipe I have my eye on. It’s in My Lodge Cast Iron Skillet cookbook and it sounds quick, healthy, and delicious. I think some pasta (for that lovely sauce) will be great with this! Oh! And some roasted asparagus!

Wednesday: The kids love pork chops. There is a Dry Rub recipe, again in My Lodge Cast Iron Skillet cookbook I’d like to try. I think we’ll have that with some rice and green beans perhaps. (I really really like that cookbook.)

Thursday: We eat with my family tonight.

Friday: It’s just me tonight and I’ll probably have leftovers.

Saturday: Depends on our schedule. We usually eat out for lunch and have a “fend for yourself” night for supper.

Here’s hoping I can stick to this! What are you eating this coming week?


Currently \\ February 3, 2018

Reading: All over the place! I have 3 books going at the moment. I appear to be felled by some form of flu (aches and fever so far, no other symptons #weird) and am just exhausted. So I started The Apparitionists: a Tale of Phantoms, Fraud, Photography, and the Man Who Captured Lincoln’s Ghost by Peter Manseau because who doesn’t want to read about death when feeling like death? I’m also reading Idiot Brain: What Your Brain is Really Up to by Dean Burnett which is crazy interesting. I actually understand the how and WHY I can walk from one room to another and forget why! I was reading Artemis by Andy Weir, but I appear to have left it at work, in my rush to get home after starting to hurt all over and feel like complete crap at work. I suppose it could be in my car, but I have no intention of walking to it. What if I can’t get back??? lol

Watching: I was supposed to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, but apparently no one wants the flu and I have been banned. How rude.

Listening: I haven’t finished to an audiobook since early December. I am SORT OF listening to Age of Myth by Michael Sullivan, which is REALLY good, but my attention span for listening is at an all-time low. So I’ve been binging LOTS of podcasts.


Eating: Not much. It’s kinda scary how little appetite I have. And nothing tastes right.

Loving: My cats. They have been lovely company while I sit around and try to rest.

Looking Forward: To feeling better!

Have a great week! DO NOT GET THE FLU.