The Weekly Menu – Week of January 21

In typical fashion, things did NOT go according to plan last week. Or the week before. If you were to look at my last Weekly Menu post, you will see I planning on breakfast for supper one day that week. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. It WILL happen this week. This week will be interesting, as I seem to have been felled by the weirdest flu EVAH. (By that I mean tired, achy, fevery, and….not much else. Yet.) So, here are my BEST LAID PLANS for the week:

Sunday: I really hope to get some things made for the kids’ lunches this week. Pizza rolls, quiche, calzones…the things they’ll actually eat. AND, since I won’t be watching the Super Bowl with everyone else (!), I may just have some soup or something. Alone. (I’m banned due to having the flu.)

Monday: Dang it, I’m having some breakfast. I will have it! Even if I don’t cook it!

Tuesday: I don’t know how I will be feeling by this point. I’m either be on the road to recovery, or the road to bronchitis. Writing this on Saturday, I think I’ll be feeling better, so let’s keep up the positivity, shall we? As I am making a conscious effort to eat more fish, I think we will have this Crispy Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce recipe I have my eye on. It’s in My Lodge Cast Iron Skillet cookbook and it sounds quick, healthy, and delicious. I think some pasta (for that lovely sauce) will be great with this! Oh! And some roasted asparagus!

Wednesday: The kids love pork chops. There is a Dry Rub recipe, again in My Lodge Cast Iron Skillet cookbook I’d like to try. I think we’ll have that with some rice and green beans perhaps. (I really really like that cookbook.)

Thursday: We eat with my family tonight.

Friday: It’s just me tonight and I’ll probably have leftovers.

Saturday: Depends on our schedule. We usually eat out for lunch and have a “fend for yourself” night for supper.

Here’s hoping I can stick to this! What are you eating this coming week?


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