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Reading Plea…

My reading has ground to a halt. You see, earlier this month we got the news that my 14 year old daughter, who has scoliosis, needs surgery to correct her curve. She went from a 49 degree curve, to a 70 degree curve, in just 6 months. For now, everything else looks good. Her nerves are fine. Her internal organs are fine. Let unchecked however, they may not stay that way. We’ve accepted it, it’s coming very soon, we’re scared, \ and wow. Our lives are very confused right now.

And, I have been distracted ever since.

The books I was reading have been pushed to the side. I’m not even completely sure what I WAS reading. Now, I’m flitting between books, trying to find something comforting and familiar. I started A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, one of my very favorite books, in audio and I’m not even sure it is going to work. Same with Pride and Prejudice. I managed a short story in the collection, The Doll’s Alphabet by Camilla Grudova, but I haven’t exactly raced back for another one.

What do you read when you want to be distracted, but can’t seem to be? I usually turn to an old favorite, but like I said, I’m not sure it’s going to work. I’m not in a rush to get back to it. Sometimes nonfiction works. Short stories? What have you read in times of crisis for comfort?